Monday, May 23, 2011

Snippets of a Day

*Having to clean up used fireworks before the boys could play on the playground.

*Boy's first skinned elbow. 

*Watching an ant on the steps to the building -
       Mama: "Let's watch, where do you think the ant is going?"
       Littler Boy: "Medito."
       Mama: "Where is it going?"
       Bigger Boy: "Mexico."

*Littler Boy getting out of the bathtub to pee on the potty.  And he really peed!  On the potty!

*And then there was one... grown up glass left after a cascade of clean dishes took the second to last out.  Just how far can those tiny shards of glass shrapnel spread across the kitchen?

*Nursling who doesn't like Mama to do anything while nursing and has found the answer.  He can wrap his legs around distracted Mama's free arm and pull it back to him.

*Watching the Boy sitting on the couch, reading.  Watching the Littler Boy pushing trains across the floor.  At the same time.

*A fabulous magic-meal dinner.

*"Auction Hunters" on TV all evening.  And staying up too late watching it. 

*Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.  Well, sorta.  I'm hoping for no more fireworks or broken glass.

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