Thursday, June 9, 2011

Small Success - 6/9

Thursday is the day for taking inventory of our week.  Hurray for all the things accomplished this week!  Check in with Sherry at Chocolate for your Brain to share yours. 

*so far I've pretty much kept up with the dishes!  Go me!
*I've managed to keep up with most everything housework wise, probably thanks to being about to brag pat myself on the back here on the blog when I do good.  Doesn't everyone want a chance to do that?
*I even scrubbed the tub twice this week... because someone pooped in the freshly cleaned tub during his bath.
*I've written up and now just need to type up a grocery list form.  We've been using ones from the internet but they have tons of stuff we don't buy (we don't have a dog so dog treats is a waste of space on the list and shredded cheese is like $8 a bag so that's not happening) and leaves out stuff we do buy regularly (like pop corn and chocolate syrup - don't judge, it's about the only way Littler will drink milk so we're going with it.) 
*I have managed to stay awake every day.  With this heat and our early starts to our days I just am wiped out! 

Yeah, it's not much of a week but so it goes. 

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SherryTex said...

My daughter had to have chocolate milk every day. I consider chocolate necessary as an essential. I can cope with being out of many things, but not that!