Thursday, June 23, 2011

Small Success

Here we are celebrating the week's accomplishments, big and small.  Head over to visit Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain to share yours :) 

*Mount Laundrymore has again been vanquished.  Maybe this week it wont reach the epic proportions that it has the last two weeks.  I'm not counting on that though.

*I made a little sewing space in our bedroom.  It isn't much but it has let me get more sewing done than I have been able to lately.  And by that I mean I've actually gotten some sewing done this week.  I'll try to post a picture later.

*I've just about got planned out what I want to do this summer in terms of reading and sewing/ knitting projects.  Again, I've got to get my act together to write it up and post it but I'm counting it as accomplished because I know what I'm doing. 

*I did not just kill the Boy who climbed his naked butt up onto the bathroom counter to get down the bottle of vinegar cleaner and took out my eye liner as long as he was up there and proceeded to draw on his own moustache and beard.  I also did not kill his brother when he took the bottle of cleaner that was abandoned when the Boy was taken to put on his undies and wash his face and used a dish towel to clean the dining room chairs.  Or when he followed Daddy into our bedroom and climbed all over the cut pieces of fabric I had laid out on our bed to work on a quilt top.  Never a dull moment.  And when it's been quiet too long, that's when there's real trouble brewing. 


Lynn said...

I had a 'did not kill' success a few weeks back - sometimes I think the kids do these things to make us stronger. I also hope all this devilish behavior now will not be here during the teen years ;)

Joanne said...

I brought home 3 boxes of books for you today but I see some of the titles (Eric Carle) in your photo of the boys reading.

SherryTex said...

Peace to your heart, we've all been there, sometimes more than a few times in a day...hour...minute....hope boys settle down a bit and give you less hard of a time.

Hannah said...

lol! I love your "I did not kill..." It is great when you can laugh about those things!
Good job getting set up to sew! AND Actually sewing!!! I have meant to sew for over a year. I have a sewing machine and no idea where to start.
Great job vanquishing Mount Laundry more!! That is always a challenge and a job well done once you finish!