Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Goals

Here we are, already into another month and I haven't updated my goals.  I'm blaming being sick and the double holiday weekend (Friday was Canada Day and Monday will be 4th of July.)  Looking back at last months goals I didn't do too hot.  But I didn't do too shabby either.  I didn't follow FlyLady but I did keep up with the housework better (till this week anyway.)  Same with the dishes.  I finished knitting my second BSJ last night and will sew my seams today so I'm counting those as finished.  Projects with the boys fell by the wayside when I got sick but once I'm feeling better I'm going to pick that back up.  Simplification is just a constant goal, I'm not sure it will ever really be accomplished but I better keep on trying.  Or else I might just end up living in a storage unit.

Household - find my own way of following FlyLady/ develop my own schedule
                  - keep up with the dishes
                  - type up grocery checklist

Projects - finish first wedding quilt top
              - start second wedding quilt top
              - start retirement gift
              - finish baby and big brother gifts

Boys - restart weekly projects (stART)
        - find and practice a new chore to Bigger

Simplification - declutter living room
                       - settle into a more set daily routine regardless of work schedules

Reading (MSC) - finish a book a week (maybe crazy :)

Personal - drink more water
                 - workout 3-4 times/ week

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