Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Successes


Time for a shout-out for all those little things that some how get accomplished in the week.  No matter how small or large they all add up and deserve a little happy dance :)  Join us over at Sherry's blog Chocolate for your Brain

*I put the new fan together.  And put the window screens back in.  Today I took them out and will put them in again later.

*I'm almost succeeding in not being upset about not having a/c and having to close up the apartment for the windows to be cleaned... for two days.  It's a battle.  But it's short term.  And they are running the sprinkler on the lawn so we'll go play in that for a while later :)

*Took the boys this morning to the library with a long stop to watch the "escalator" on the way.  I couldn't figure out what "escalator" Bigger was talking about until he started calling it a backhoe when I wasn't responding to "escalator."  Oh, you mean excavator.  It's hard keeping up with all the boys lingo ;-) 

*I think this is the first post I've written where the spell check didn't find any misspellings!  Well, it didn't like the "ure" part of figure but that was its problem. 


munchesmom said...

Escalator for excavator...SO cute! I love when little ones have their own words for things.

Congrats on surviving w/out air conditioning! I'd say that is a HUGE success!

Emily said...

Hooray for accomplishments!

RealMom4Life said...

Great week! You deserve a run in the sprinkler too :)