Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ahh, vacation

Nothing fancy, just a chance to get away, a change of pace, something different.  


The boys are slowly learning how to pet the kitties.  And the kitties are learning to be much better sports.  They've been playing baseball in the back yard while wearing old bicycle helmets as batting helmets.  They've been hiking up into the woods, sometimes taking their bats to bushwack.  They've been hanging from the branches in the tree in the front yard.  They've had ice cream and chcocolate milk and layered Mexican dip and lots of fruit.  They salted slugs and have enjoyed the attention of many friends who we don't see nearly enough. 

I've gotten to see friends we don't see nearly enough - it's been almost a year since we last visited.  I'm knitting my first hat thanks to one of those friends.  Sorting through my treasures stored here and getting a load ready to take to the Hospice Thrift Shop.  Yes, I'm decluttering even on vacation.  Eating good pizza and local sweet corn.  Going through the boxes of books so generously given to us by a wonderful friend who retired from teaching kindergarten.  Three boxes of lovely books :)  Hanging out with my mom.  DH and I even got to go out on a date to the movies!  (We saw Harry Potter of course.) 

Today we're planning to take a trip downtown to run errands, like going to the Hospice Shop.  Hoping to get hair cuts since DH and I are both very much in need.  Taking the boys out to see my uncle and meet some sheep.  Eating more good pizza.  Can't wait to see who else we run into :) 


Emily said...

Sounds like fun -- have a wonderful vacation!

Swanski said...

Any vacation meeting sheep is one for me :) Have fun!

munchesmom said...

Sounds like a great vacation!

BTW - I tagged you in a meme on my blog. Feel free to participate if you have a chance: http://threeblessingsacademy.blogspot.com/2011/08/saintly-meme.html