Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small Successes

It can be tough to remember that all those little successes in our days add up, those things that don't go quite so well tend to be over powering.  But here is a place to look for and celebrate those little things accomplished.  Check in with Sherry at Chocolate for your Brain to share yours :) 

*I'm still holding out on online shopping :)  I might place an order after we get there since there will still be time for it to arrive before we leave to come home but so far I'm keeping strong. 

*I finished the quilt top I'm working on and am resolved to be more "process" than "product" oriented when I get back to quilting it.  And with my other projects too. 

*I bit my tongue yesterday as we came home and passed the "workers" leaving our building for the night.  They were doing the annual fire alarm inspection which apparently involves checking that each apartment's alarm is working by opening the apartment and sounding the alarm FOR.THE.ENTIRE.BUILDING!!!!!  So yes, that ear splitting industrial fire alarm went off... and went off... and went off all afternoon.  And echoed through our cinder block apartment.  Every time it went off the boys flipped out - shrieking, sobbing, running to me and throwing themselves all over me.  They even did this when we went outside to figure out what to do for the rest of the day while this continued.  Because after 2 hours they had almost completed 2 floors of the building.  Only five to go.  Outside we talked to a neighbor whose poor dog was so freaked out by the noise he was trying to jump off the balcony!  Luckily she has a friend nearby who took in Matt so he could get some quiet.  But the best part?  They have to finish today.  Oh goody.  :-/  There has got to be a better way and I will be complaining loudly to the management of our building because this far surpasses "inconvenience." 

*I stayed up way too late last night resorting and purging the bins of baby clothes to take to store in my parents' attic.  Brought 5 bins down to 4 (and filled the fifth with "other baby stuff" like a shopping cart cover, waterproof pads, little toys, and outgrown shoes.)  And I have an overflowing diaper box of clothes to go to Value Village later today :)   


RealMom4Life said...

I love your comment about process vs product oriented projects. I love to quilt and end up rushing through to get it done. Never turns out.

I pray those fire alarm tests are over soon!

JJ's Mom said...

Great job this week! I can't believe the process for checking the alarm system. Surely there has to be a more efficient (and significantly less annoying) way to accomplish that task. Good for you for getting out of the apartment and finding some family fun in the meantime....

munchesmom said...

Great job on biting your tongue! I've had to do more of that than I care to lately!

And great job on purging! I've been ruthless in getting rid of stuff lately because I'm just so tired of the clutter.

cpcable said...

Oh, I struggle with process vs. product orientation too. I also need to learn to enjoy the ride and not get so caught up in the object that appears when I'm done "making." :)

SherryTex said...

My tongue would be are a better woman than I.

Have a great week!