Thursday, September 8, 2011

Small Successes

Each week it's good to take stock of accomplishments.  They may not seem like much but the least we can do is small things with great love.  Head over to see what else is being celebrated with Sherry at Chocolate for your Brain.

*I finished my latest BSJ.  Just need to sew seams and buttons.  :) 

*I finished that big-bad-scary project.  Time will only tell if there are further phases to said project but for now it is an accomplishment.  I'll write about it soon I think.

*I have kept Littler in bed all night for the last 2 nights.  His bed.  We are breaking the wake-during-the-night-get-brought-to-bed-with-Mama-and-eventually-wear-her-down-so-she'll-nurse-me cycle.  The goal is to get him SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Mama is tired, which is what leads to the co- sleeping.  And that has been leading to Mama being pummeled half the night.  And that is no fun.  Neither is making him stay in bed but last night was better than the night before so there is progress. 


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Don't know what that scary project is but you've got ME shakin' in my boots; LOL
Way to keep those Littles in bed!

munchesmom said...

Been there...done that w/ your 3rd success! We had the same w/ our now 3yo when he was a bit younger. It was so much easier to just bring him into our bed, but definitely does not make for a restful night! Congrats on the success so far & I hope it continues for you!