Thursday, October 20, 2011

Small Successes

Still plugging along.  Some days I feel like a spacey blue fish from a favorite animated movie - "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."  Which is why I like stopping once a week to take stock of what is getting done.  Or at least getting worked on. 

*Still working on last week's posture and attitude changes.  I hope I'm making progress. 

*I've added to that list a few other habits that are for some reason a lot harder than they should be - drinking water, taking my vitamins, flossing.  Maybe this will be the week I add some crunches in there too, that would be good. 

*The dishes are done, laundry is put away, menu is planned to the end of the month, boys are napping.  Occasionally the stars do align. 

*Survived a very soggy pumpkin patch this morning.  Bigger nearly got sucked into the muck and I had to climb in to pull him back out.  He feel apart after that saying he wanted to go home yet as soon as his feet were back on the ground he headed straight back for the mud.  And both boys fell asleep on the way home and have been napping for 2 hours - score!  Now I just wait to wait till all the mud on my books dries so I can try to get them clean.  And start looking for big Mama rubber boots.  (At least they're trendy so they wont be tough to get.) 



munchesmom said...

Keeping swimming is what these successes are about each week! Great job for you!

Adding little bits at a time are the best way to go towards making positive changes. I've found that if I try to do too much at once, I get burned out & stop all together.

JJ's Mom said...

Why are those little things that include taking care of ourselves so hard!?!?! I have the same problems. I know that little things like vitamins and flossing would go a long way in terms of taking care of then I could take care of others. Good luck in the goal of taking care of the body and spirit God gave you!