Thursday, October 27, 2011

Small Successes

Here we are again, looking for and celebrating our accomplishments.  Head over the Chocolate for your Brain if you want to share yours :)

*Last night no dirty dishes were left in the sink over night.  And no, they weren't just sitting on the counter, smarty pants.  Can't make any such promise for tonight but the night is still (sorta) young. 

*Monday when I made brownies I only eat two!  Usually it's more like half the pan. 

*Still plugging away on my posture, attitude, vitamins, oral hygiene, and hydration.  Getting pretty good too - haven't missed a vitamin or flossing all week :)  I think this week I'll work on my prayer life. 

*I developed a new do-to list system for myself.  It's maybe overkill but I'm getting quite a bit done and feeling good about it.  My list has 3 columns - boys, household, me.  I haven't crossed everything off yet but, really, I don't ever expect to. 

*And when the bottle of chocolate syrup leaked all over the inside door of the fridge, even though it's being replaced by the management company tomorrow, I still cleaned it all up.  But it was so tempting to just leave it and let it get thrown out like that in the morning. 

1 comment:

munchesmom said...

WOW! I'm in awe of your second success! When it comes to brownies & cookies for me, (to quote Star Trek's Borg) resistance is futile!

Great job on starting a to-do list! I've found that I am much more productive when I stick to mine...perhaps I should start one up again!