Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Musings

Right now...  it is 8pm, boys are asleep, I have my feet up, and am watching NCIS.  A major awesome about Canadian TV is getting to watch NCIS two nights instead of one.  Yes, it is not really necessary to watch the same episode two nights in a row but I do love NCIS :) 

This weekend... was funky.  I suppose that is really not unusual.  Friday was rough.  Saturday was better.  Sunday was nice - beautiful weather for walking to Mass.  The boys behaved decently probably due to the promise of going downstairs after Mass if they behaved themselves.  It was the Christmas bazaar so there was lots of fun.  We got a few books, puzzles, some cookies :) 

Some plans for this week...  get the next size box of clothes up for Littler.  Really.  It really really really needs to be done this week.  And a trip to Once Upon a Child for some sweaters and pants for Bigger.  I'd like to get plans together for Thanksgiving and Advent festivities.  And get Littler sleeping better - his sleep keeps backsliding for any number of reasons but I for one am ready for sleeping through the whole night as a regular thing.  We're off to a rough start but with any luck by the end of the week he'll get the message and start sleeping later. 

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...  sit on my bum, read, work on projects, and watch TV.  With any luck tomorrow I'll finish my first knit food and start another.  And I'd really like to finish the quilt top I'm working on, but there's a good chance that that is taking on too much. 

Some special prayer intentions...  for my mom on her birthday today and the first official day of her retirement.  For a friend and her mom.  For good nights' sleep. 

Something to make me smile...  tonight at dinner Bigger "didn't like" the squash and wouldn't eat it.  Then he said "this'll work" and put a pea in the squash and ate it.  :) 

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