Thursday, November 3, 2011

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OK, handsome.  My handsome cowboys were ready for Halloween.  Just not thrilled with Mama's picture taking. 

They were so happy to help decorate, get dressed up, and set out to trick-or-treat.  But once out there they were faced with the seriousness of their mission. 
Then again, maybe not so much.  This must have been around 7:30, after trick-or-treating.  I think it was before the building super brought out the cake.  Yes, really, cake on Halloween.  After candy.  After bedtime.  I'm thinking we should have renamed the categories this week in honor of this particular sugar eating and poor sleeping celebration. 

Poor guy, trying to get over this tummy bug that was plaguing him.  He really did just pass out on the couch like this, thankfully without any apple in his mouth. 

round button chicken


Linny said...

Your liitle blonde boy so reminds me of my little blonde boy. So heartbreaking when they get sick!

Swanski said...

Love that last one! Must have been exhausting chewing that apple ;)

Mary Jo said...

Wonderful pictures that capture real life. I love it...

MCH said...

They are just too the costumes!

Grace said...

Love the costumes! So cute he fell asleep with his apple...poor little guy.:( Thanks for stopping by my blog. For some reason I can only see your comment at my e-mail & not in my comment section.:( Thanks anyway.;)

house full of jays said...

Love the halloween fun! That last photo is precious!

Pippajo said...

Great costumes! And that photo with the apple is funny, though the fact that your sweet boy isn't feeling well is anything but!