Thursday, November 10, 2011

Small Successes

Each week I really like this chance to look at what I've been doing (or not doing) and take stock of my successes.  Otherwise all I would see are the piles of dishes, laundry, and dirt.  And checking in with Sherry helps me celebrate my wins and everyone else who posts theirs.  Good times. 

This week my main accomplishment is that I am awake.  I have been working at helping Littler sleep more.  I tend to be so tired that it is so much  easier to just bring him to bed with me when he wakes up and, surprise surprise, next thing I know he's nursing half the night.  And wakes up earlier and earlier each night.  Something had to be done. 

So starting Monday morning when he woke I went to him but wouldn't pick him up.  That morning he screamed and shrieked at my from 4 to 5:30am.  At that point I left the room, counted to 10, came back in, and turned on the light saying "good morning!"  So that was the start of my day.  Tuesday morning he was up again at 4 but settled down, as long as I was rubbing his back.  That worked till a little after 5 - so I repeated Monday's lights on routine.  Wednesday he settled long enough after three tries for me to go back to bed for about 45 minutes. 

This morning it only took a couple minutes to settle him and he slept for two more 45 minute naps.  But I had already been up a bazillion times with the Bigger One - half of which he was just kinda wandering around the apartment!  The other half he was pestering "mama, I'm hungry!"  So I ended up having to get up and cut him a piece of cheese.  And if you give a kid a piece of cheese in the middle of the night, he'll need a cup of water.  And then after he gets back into your bed, he'll need a refill.  I was too tired to worry about the both of us waking up wet and thankfully that wasn't an issue. 

Once they were both up to stay (about 6:20) I woke up DH to be up with them so I could have a chance to catch up a little of that sleep I've been sacrificing.  Well, a little after 7 the phone rang and he was called into work :(  I am so tired and I had so much to get done today that now can't either due to lack of car or "help" of boys.  I am so frustrated.  But here we are.  Slogging along, keeping everyone fed and kinda clean.  And I am planning on taking the boys either to McD's or the mall food court for dinner (oh, the horror!) just so I don't have to cook or clean it up.  The WeatherMan can fend for himself when he gets home - and he better wash his own dishes ;-) 


Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

What a great job on getting Littler to sleep! Wishing you sleep for YOU sooner than later. Thanks for stopping by today! Seeing your comment brought a smile to my face!

munchesmom said...

You've survived & that's a huge success. I've been there myself & know how tough it can be. Praying everyone gets some well needed sleep soon.