Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When to wake a sleeping baby

I am usually a believer in the wisdom of never waking a sleeping baby.  The WeatherMan definitely is.  However there are times when it has to be disregarded. 

This afternoon we all walked to the mall to pick up some paints and brushes for a project.  The boys hadn't napped so there was great potential for drama and we while had some all things considered it was a rather pleasant outing.  And the boys fell asleep in their strollers on the way home.  Around 4:30.  Yeah, that is so not a cool nap time.  DH thought we should keep walking a little longer to be sure they were asleep.  I told him that was great for the guy going to work the night shift and then sleep all day tomorrow.  (We have been having very early wakings and Mama is rather tired and a little cranky.) 

So we went home, turned on the white noise machine, and rolled their strollers into their bedroom. 

After DH left for work I hemmed and hawed about what to do with two napping(?) babies.  Best case scenario (?) they nap a couple hours and then are up till 2.  Worst case scenario (?)  they sleep their usual 10 hours and are up at 2:30.  I consulted my usual source for backing a decision I've already made and both my parents agreed it was best to do the unthinkable and wake them up. 

They woke up cranky (those early mornings are getting to them too.)  But it was a good thing I did.  The Little Guy had had a big nasty poop.  Like the gotta-clean-the-stroller kind.  Like I said, getting them up was a good thing.  We changed a diaper.  We watched some Veggie Tales.  We had a big ol' snack.  We read a book and snuggled on the couch.  And as soon as the Bigger One had his jammies on he headed straight to bed.  And tucked himself in.  So after a few more snuggles and a couple songs and tummy rubs they were in bed for the night.  And asleep by 7:20.  Leaving me able to watch The Big Bang Theory and have some quiet. 

Oh, and to enjoy the experimental brownies I made while they were napping.  :)  (Don't worry, they are only experimental in that I was trying to combine the conventional recipe and the Deceptively Delicious recipe.  It was a success :)  And soon I'll be off to bed where visions of turkey and roasted sweet potatoes and apples will dance in my head. 

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