Thursday, January 19, 2012

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The boys made this for their uncle's birthday this week :)  They love stickers. 

This is a makes-mama-happy picture.  They got kids yoga dvds for Christmas and Bigger is starting to try out some of the poses.  I love the he's trying something new, enjoying it, and hopefully learning something that will help him and strengthen him later too.  Plus it's a good way to channel some of that pent up little boy winter energy ;-) 

Because yoga can be funny sometimes too :)  Especially when mama grabs the camera.

Nice smash to the head Littler took one afternoon.  Spinning around and around with Bigger. 
He also seems to think he wants to wear undies now.  And some of the time we go through several pair in a day.  And sometimes he pees on Mama.  And sometimes he finds himself back in a diaper.  Doesn't get much more real than potty training, does it?  But he's so proud every time he pees on the potty. 


Mary Jo said...

Oh thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning. Totally needed that! ;) Love, love the picture of the balled-up yoga pose.

Deanna said...

The yoga pose pictures are too cute!

Dawn said...

My kids love yoga too.

Lisa said...

I love the sticker artwork!

Emily said...

I love the yoga poses!