Thursday, January 26, 2012

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It's pretty to finally be seeing some snow, more than just in the air.  It also makes me happy - I grew up with lots of snow and it's so strange to me to not have a white Christmas.  Or sledding.  Or outdoor ice skating.  But considering that there doesn't seem to be any ordinance requiring sidewalks to be shoveled I guess it's just as well we don't get much snow.  That snow covered sidewalk thing really makes me nuts. 

Happy boy playing at the library. 

Gearing up for some indoor hockey.  He wore a full helmet and baseball mitt to complete the ensemble.  And I think he only fell down once :) 
(To the right of this picture we have a long hallway, no windows, no furniture, just some shoes and the boys' wagon.  Perfect for strange games that don't usually belong inside.) 

This is how we roll, yo. 


Lisa said...

Oh, that last photo - a keeper!

Grace said...

We love snow and yes, that's the way we roll these days, too! Sigh.

Swanski said...

I loved all the photos! We always went to the library once a week and I remember bundling up the kids before we went out for the day :)

Emily said...

Hahaha! Great photos of the boys!

MsBorges said...

The last one is too cute! Winter gear is just made for teeny (big) boys.