Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Under a sleeping 2 year old that is.

Littler was up at 4:45 this morning.  For some reason he did not simply climb out of his crib and wander into bed with me like he usually does.  First he wandered the apartment a bit, getting upset that he couldn't find me.  (In his defence, the WeatherMan had apparently left the TV on when he fell asleep on the couch.  Light of any kind seems to signal time to get moving to this kid.) 

So once he found me he climbed into the bed and wanted to nurse.  No, Little Dude, we do not nurse before morning.  So he spent the next half an hour rolling around next to me like a pig on a spit all the while trying to get his hand up my shirt.  (The hand up the shirt is his comfort move - sucks his first to fingers and rubs my belly.  It is really irritating.  Especially in those wee hours of the morning when I want to still be sleeping and he is using any means possible.  And if he can't get his hand in my shirt he will move on to trying to get his foot down my pants.  I kid you not.)

After 30 minutes of this, his brother joined us.  By 6am Bigger had already started asking if it was time to go to school.  No, Big Dude, your teacher will not be there for 3 hours.  Why not?  Because she is probably still sleeping.  So he drowned his sorrows in a cup of milk, half a blueberry english muffin, and a big handful of frozen berries.  And was hungry less than an hour later.  I do believe we will be shopping for pants by the end of next week. 

Finally the time came to convince them to put on their clothes (pants before shoes, Big Dude, it really will help.)  Have a final snack of cheese and crackers (remember that thing about new pants?)  Get coats on (I am so glad they have both mastered the "flipperoo.")  And leave for school. 

Bigger was psyched to be back and Littler remembered the whole routine too.  He seems to be convinced that if he does it all right he will magically get to stay at school too, right down to picking a name tag at random and putting someone else's name circle up on the board.  It's a good thing there isn't a kid with his name in the class or he would really think he belonged!  Next year, Little Dude, your time will come.  The noise of the class settling into their play before circle time got to him though and he snuggled into my lap. 

Back at home he got his "extra" nursing and then played a little and climbed into my lap to nurse again.  He was ok with a no to that request and even with my efforts to keep his hand out of my shirt.  He was fading fast so I did what any tired mama of a tired little one would do - I rubbed his belly and ignored him while I checked FaceBook.  Worked like a charm.  He's been out for almost half an hour already.  And my left foot is starting to follow too.  I should really see if I can transfer him to his crib and get some things done.  But maybe I'll just shift him a little and have a wee snooze myself :)

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Emily said...

I'd have opted for a snooze myself after your early morning!