Friday, February 10, 2012

Snippets of a day

The day started out with promise.  Someone had left the TV remote out so rather than get into too much mischief the boys just turned on the TV before I got myself out of bed.  Note to self: ask someone to leave it on PBS when he's gonna leave the remote laying around.  I had a good to-do list for the day.  Reasonably full, not over reaching but stuff to get done that would make our lives better.  Really, vacuuming and cleaning up the kitchen on the same day should not be considered over reaching in terms of house work. 
I don't know at what point the day turned downhill.  I suppose it started when I couldn't accomplish one of the tasks on my list - prepping veggies for slow cooker meals to go in the freezer.  Someone failed to follow the brown sugar protocol and left the bag open.  And the result was a one pound rock of brown sugar.  So there are not 6 ready-to-cook meals in my freezer :(  Because there wasn't a point in making the other two since the point was to get all the grunt work out of the way at once. 

So I thought I would make some quick breads - easy snacks, fast breakfast, fill up the freezer.  Well pumpkin bread was out because my recipe calls for brown sugar.  A quick Internet search for chocolate chip loaf resulted in half the results being ineligible due to our lack of brown sugar.  But I found one that would work.  I mixed it up and baked it.  Took it out of the oven and went to turn it out immediately according to the recipe but the center wasn't baked all the way and it dripped dumped gooey dough through the cooling rack and onto the counter.  Back in the oven it goes.  Meanwhile the sesame chicken in the crock pot is not smelling too appealing.  At least not to me, I have a ridiculously sensitive nose to begin with, add that lovely pregnancy sense of smell and I often have trouble.

And then it happened.  Our eldest child is 3 days shy of 4 years old.  We had not had anything flushed down the toilet that didn't belong.  Until today.  We lost a pair of Thomas and Friends undies.  Down the toilet.  Littler was really upset when they didn't come back.  I think this was after he had peed on the couch and was sent to finish peeing on the potty.  Except he took a pit stop to flush his undies. 

Bigger used all the base pieces for his gears set to knock the box of tissues off the top of the bookcase.  And Littler pulled half of the tissues out of the box before I was in the room. 

A fight broke out over who would finish brushing their teeth first.  I kid you not.  They have sand timers to keep them brushing longer than 12 seconds.  They're from the dollar store and not terribly accurate. 

It's so hot and dry in our apartment that I am constantly thirsty.  And there is only so much water I can really make myself drink.  I'm also dealing with spells of light headedness, probably due to my ridiculously low blood pressure.  It was 90 over 50 at my last doctor's appointment.  Really.  The only time it has ever been as high as 120 over 80 was just before I went into surgery.  (And don't worry, I have an appointment on Tuesday and I'll be asking about the light headedness.) 

So now I'm sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, watching Man vs Food and Big Bang Theory and eating half a piece of chocolate chip loaf.  Only half because the other half is still stuck in the pan. 
And tomorrow is a new day. 


Anne said...

I feel your pain. My day started out ominously with two babies up too early and continued with a one-and-a-half-year-old screaming in terror for two hours because the gardeners were outside running lawnmowers and other such noisy implements. The best part of the day? They were both in bed asleep before eight o' clock.

So, yes, tomorrow is a new day.

clare said...

Big Bang Theory makes everything better!

Natalie said...

Thank you...I like to read the blogs where not everything is sunshine and roses once in a while. Let's me know that I am right on track, you know. And yes...tomorrow will always be a new day.

Good luck