Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

~ Capturing the context of everyday life ~

Gorgeous sunshine.  Extra warm temperatures.  Smells like fresh, new, growing spring. 

Pear-carrot sauce.  Bigger claims he doesn't like carrots.  (Unless it's in carrot bread or carrot cake, of course.)  So I made pear sauce and added some carrot puree - makes a lovely orange color and gets some carrot-goodness into the kid.  Because he does L-O-V-E his fruit. 

Fresh pretzels for St. Joseph's feast day.  This was all that was left after dinner.  There were a dozen to begin with.  And these were eaten for before bed snack.  They really were yummy.  And oh was Bigger upset when they were all gone. 

Reading outside on the porch.  Loving this gorgeous weather.  Will be real sad when we go back to more seasonally appropriate weather this weekend.  Can almost see the squirrel nest in the tree there.  Freaky black squirrels.  Hopeful they are cleaning it out and not coming back.  Do they do that or am I just deluding myself? 


Swanski said...

Oh those pretzels look soooo good! I think squirrels will be a nuisance no matter what!

meghann said...

I'm actually looking forward to things getting a bit more seasonal. Sleeping was *impossible* upstairs last night; George and Julia ended up sleeping on the floor and the couch (respectively) in the living room… xo

Mama Bear, JD said...

I meant for us to make pretzels but didn't get to it! Must do that next year. Yours look good.

Leila said...

Thanks for joining! Pretzels are such a good snack!