Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings

Right now...  I am sitting on the couch, watching Antiques Roadshow and then at 10 Hawaii 5-0.  I don't usually stay up that late, can't might be a better description.  But tonight is a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles, to be continued there tomorrow night.  And I do love NCIS.  I'm thinking about what a long day it has been.  After a long week.  And how this will be another long one.  And thinking about what I should eat for a snack...

This weekend...  was long, did I mention that?  The WeatherMan's work schedule has been all messed up and kinda ridiculous and I am exhausted.  I know he is too after working 6 night shifts in the last 9 days.  So today we drove to Niagara Falls to do some errands.  We were supposed to have a picnic and see the Falls but one errand took about 2 hours longer than anticipated and it started raining while we were in the grocery store getting our lunch fixin's.  I nearly cried comparing prices - $2.19 for milk!  Chickens for $0.88/lb!  $3.25 for Haagan Dazs!  Eggs 10 (dozen) for $10!  To give you an idea of prices here the best I can get for milk is occasionally on sale for $3.99 but most of the time it's 4.29, chickens were just on sale for 1.99/lb, Haagan Dazs is typically between $6-7, and eggs go on sale for 1.99/doz.  I SO want to move home!  But it occurs to me that maybe that is one of the "whys" for moving here - to get us thinking about our food budget and menu and to get us away from the packaged/processed foods (because we just can't afford them if nothing else!) 

Some plans for the week...  oy, housework.  Lots of housework.  Catching up on sleep, I hope.  Catching up on projects, I hope.  Lots of reading with the boys.  The boys have been asking to paint too so we'll be doing that.  I'm also planning on finishing my BSJ and ripping back and fixing the shawl I'm working on. 

If I find some time for myself this week...  I want to finish up that sewing I intended to do last week.  Because my goals of keeping to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge feel seriously flat since I was basically on my own with the boys from son up to son down, which is from sun up till sun down.  And there wasn't much energy left at that point.  Plus I finally got some tracing paper today (a week later than I was hoping) so I can finally start tracing patterns for making shorts for Bigger.  And I found a pattern for a patchwork baby sleeping bag and the boys helped me pick fabric for it.  If I can manage to get it washed I can start working on that too. 

I am grateful...  to be into the third trimester and mostly feeling pretty good.  For toast.  For bedtime. 

Some prayer intentions for this week...  to move back home. 

Something that makes me smile... 
We are one of those families who pose their kids with props for photos and take photos of them with all kinds of signs and whatnot when we travel.  And by "we" I really mean the WeatherMan.  Seriously, you should see some of the stuff he did with poor Bigger when he was tiny.  The kid is gonna look back at his baby photos and want to strangle us. 


Tracey said...

We are big NCIS fans here, although I only like the original series. [There is just something about Mark Harmon!].
Food prices are crazy expensive here too. I have seen eggs going for $5.00 a dozen and milk at almost that; it makes me wonder how some people can afford to eat!

Swanski said...

Those prices are shocking. I live in an inexpensive area but then there is very little to do in a small town compared to a city. Love Niagara Falls :)

cpcable said...

I like your posed photos with props! I think that's something that I would probably do too.