Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Colored (on) Easter eggs.  Perhaps I am just a lazy mama but we colored our eggs with markers this year.  So much more interesting for the boys than just dunk-and-done dying.  Not the vibrant colors you can get with dye but we also didn't dye ourselves.  And they really got to go to town and do their own thing. 

Happy boys checking out what the Easter Egg Bunny brought.  In our house he not only brings the candy and hides the eggs but brings a book (a tradition from my growing up) and socks (a tradition from the WeatherMan's family) for each.  Certainly cuts down on the sugar consumption and craziness without becoming a mini-Christmas, which seems to be a growing trend. 

Who is that caped crusader? 
We were leaving to get Bigger from preschool and this was how we had to travel.  Of course by the time we got to school (a mere walk across 2 small parking lots, or 1 bigger one depending on how you look at it) I had in my pockets: his hood, his at, and his cape.  This is your life - welcome to being mama pack mule. 

Dragged his chair and milk in front of the stereo to get a good spot for listening to "Sam, the Whaler" and "Abiyoyo."  The boys LOVE this Pete Seeger CD from the library.  I think we might have to invest in a copy for our very own.  :)   
Anyone have any good suggestions of other recorded stories to look for? 


Mary said...

We enjoy Jim Weiss stories and Shoofly collections of music, poems and songs.

Kelly B said...

great ideas about what to put int he Easter basket! I am also a very practical gift giver and would rather have the kids receive things they need than lots of sugar or junky stuff!

Hope said...

Those are some precious moments! I think your marker eggs are great! Happy Easter!