Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snippets of a day

*I have got to get around to changing the kitchen clock - it requires dragging a chair across the kitchen, standing on it, actually changing the time, and then doing it all in reverse to put everything back right.  It hasn't been done since the time change.  And let me tell you, getting up before the crack of dawn is bad enough but it's so much worse when the clock says it's not even 5am.

*And Bigger - just because you've been up for hours that does not mean that the stores are open. 

*We put on the hockey game this afternoon and Bigger got all excited: "the wrenches are playing!"  Any hockey fans got a guess on that one?  It's really pretty funny.  I guess now that the boys know most of their major car makers it's time to move on to professional sports teams. 

*Littler fell asleep in my lap for an almost 2 hour nap.  Sadly it was a little after 4 when he did that but there isn't much sweeter than a sleeping child in your lap.  Until your feet and hips start falling asleep that is.  And you realize how late this is going to make bedtime.

*That late bedtime means preparations for the arrival of the Easter Egg Bunny will be delayed.  Mama's plans for an early bedtime for herself have been thwarted again. 

*For dinner Bigger ate: 2 scrambled eggs with ketchup, 1 waffle, and 1 bowl of frozen berries (easily more than a full cup.)  And his comment when he finished eating?  "But I'm still hungry!" 

*Note to self - need to put ketchup on the grocery list.

*Shrimp scampi for dinner for me, since the boys had eggs and think shrimp are gross.  :)  It might be close to the perfect meal.  It's one I don't have to share. 

*Coloring Easter eggs.  With markers. 

*And now to settle in with a snack and get everything ready for the Bunny's visit.  And think deep thoughts.  And eventually get some sleep.  But I will not be tackling that mound of dishes.  Maybe the Bunny will do them... 

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