Saturday, May 12, 2012

In the evening

There is a moment in the evening when the thumping and bumping, jumping and yapping has quieted.  The toys are in their baskets and books are on the shelves.  Blankets are folded and pillows grace the couch.  All the spots in need of dusting are no longer so prominent, thanks to the sun sinking closer to the horizon visible from our west facing windows.  The kitchen table is cleared and clean and the floor swept.  It's inconsequential whether the dishes are washed, I can't see them from my perch on the couch so they might not exist.  My feet are up and my knitting, books, snack, computer, and the remote are all within reach. 

Alas, that means it's just about time for bed.  Tomorrow is another day.  And days start early around here. 

It was lovely while it lasted. 

1 comment:

Gwenny said...

I just love evenings - usually I pass out while putting the toddler to bed!