Thursday, June 7, 2012

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

My camera doesn't do justice to the colors of the woods from our nature hike.  But it was a very pretty walk. 

The boys were happy to see these guys.  Cedar waxwings, there must have been 5 or 6.  Right outside out kitchen window.  Apparently they eat bugs before the berries are ripe in the summer, which completely explains why they would be in the tree outside our window.  Again, sadly my camera does not do them justice. 

The poor boy was worn out.  He was up WAY to late, up far too early, and spent a ton of time running around outside.  And the sitting in the shopping cart was too much and he succumbed to his exhaustion.  And there he napped. 

"Wait up guys!"  (Except of course we still don't have all our consonants in the right places so it sounds more like "way up dyes!") 


swanski said...

I love how your little one is asleep! That does not look comfortable at all.

Tracey said...

I love seeing your beautiful area.
Now that is the way to shop with little ones, so cute.

cpcable said...

I just filled up our bird feeders, so hopefully we'll see a bit more variety. Silas gets so excited and signs "bird" every single time he sees one. :)