Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

And happy and funny and real.  We finally got our A/C installed yesterday.  I think it is beautiful.  Today will be the third day of "real feel" temps of 99/100.  Our apartment is on the sixth floor and west facing.  Someone else in our building did something (incredibly stupid) and their A/C fell out of the window and smashed someone else's window so they are enforcing the policy of having them "professionally installed."  Best.$25.spent.all.summer. 

And funny and real.  Bigger had a blast pushing me on the swing.  Littler tried to get on the action but unfortunately for him a 32lb not quite 3 year old is no match for a grown up on a swing.  I didn't know he wanted to push too until I felt a hit on my butt and heard him laughing - I had inadvertently knocked him on his butt.  Luckily not quite 3 year olds think this kind of thing is hilarious. 

"Look at me!  I'm a walking talking book!"
And look at that - he's started to develop a pretty-take-my-picture smile. 

 And pretty and happy and funny.  We made a stop at Queenston Heights to check out the monuments.  It was beastly hot.  We stopped to look at (and take pictures of) all the historical monuments.  The WeatherMan has a thing for the blue signs.  This nice university student was willing to take a picture with the boys but Bigger played shy and Littler tried to as well... but was too interested in checking out his hat, which is apparently quite heavy. 


Joanne said...

I am SO happy for you that you got the air conditioner. It will make these next few weeks so much more bearable for you and the kids. I can't imagine being pregnant in this beastly hot weather. Even if you don't need it after this week, mentally you will know you have it "in case". Love the swing picture and commentary. You do such fun things with your kids.

swanski said...

Thank goodness for AC! Glad to know you are comfy now :)