Sunday, July 1, 2012

Full term!

And so thankful.  I am so uncomfortable.  I was never anywhere near this uncomfortable with either of the boys.  For perspective: I taught dance while I was pregnant with Bigger.  Right up to when I was scheduled for a c-section (39 weeks) otherwise I probably would have kept teaching until I delivered.  In fact I had a huge rehearsal at 38 weeks and danced the whole time, 5 or 6 hours of quick step over the course of a weekend.  That's what I credit with avoiding that scheduled c-section.  (Bigger had decided at 36 weeks that he was no longer interested in just hanging upside down and flipped breach.  And yes, flipped back at 38 weeks.  He has been a real stinker from the very beginning too.)  Now just unpacking and putting baby clothes in the drawer is too much for me. 

So I am spending as much time as I can sitting on my butt, with my feet up.  The WeatherMan has been awesome taking the boys out to give me breaks and picking up more slack on the housework.  Because today I tried to catch up some dishes and seriously could only wash about 5 plates and a couple pieces of silverware.  I'm feeling pretty pathetic.  When I'm not feeling sorry for myself for feeling like I'm falling apart.  I am so not used to not being able to be active.  But the end is in sight.  And in the meantime I am trying to just get the rest I need and enjoy the moments of quiet that I am getting. 

As for updates, I've gained a total of about 17 pounds so far.  I always find it so hard to eat in heat like this (the "real feels" have been up around 99 again and it's rough.)  I finally started filling out the hospital paperwork and digging out the baby things.  It's amazing how much more laid back one is for the third ;-)  Next up we need to do a little more organization in our room (to make space for the pack'n'play so the poor child will have somewhere to sleep.  If this child will sleep.  Please say a prayer for us that this child will sleep.)  And get out the carseat and install it.  We have a tentitive plan for evicting the kidlet but obviously it's still to early for it to be set in stone.  I wonder if this one will follow in older brothers' footsteps and I'll go into labor the day before I'm scheduled for the induction... 

Here's the required belly pic.  It's hard finding shirts that don't let that belly hang out the bottom.  I'm beginning to understand why "back in the day" women went into confinement at the end of pregnancy - for weeks now I've been feeling like a specticle when out and trying to wrangle the boys! 

Here is 37 weeks with Bigger.  For having gained way more weight my belly wasn't all that impressive.  I don't remember (because really by the end I just didn't want to know) but I think my total gain was 38lbs.  Oh look, you can just see Pete, our dwarf hamster, back there in his cage.  He was a funny little critter. 

And Littler.  I had outgrown all my maternity shirts by 2 months before he was due!  And if I recall I gained up 28lbs with him.  Does that mean I'll top out at 18 and have the biggest belly of the three?  Wouldn't that be funny! 


swanski said...

You look sweet! I bet you are going to feel ultra thin when you have the baby, I always did :)

cpcable said...

You look beautiful, mama! I hope you're able to get some rest!

Conservative Knit Mom said...

How adorable! You look perfect! What an exciting time and dancing up to 39 weeks--you go, mama!