Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Looks like a smile, doesn't it?  Might just be gas but we're getting close :)  The WeatherMan would tell you she's happy about her Canadian tshirt (that should fit her in about 7 years.) 

Mmm, ice cream.  In a waffle cone. 

We might only have a tiny porch but there is still fun to be had there. 

When I'm lucky, evenings look like this.  Last night I was lucky.  Until bedtime anyway.  Such is life.  We'll get there someday and in the meantime I'm soaking up the snuggly cute while I can. 


swanski said...

count that as a smile!! She is so precious :) Life is good.

Becky said...

I love that porch picture with the flower pot hats. What fun! And, yes, it does always seem to be peaceful until you actually do want to sleep. :-)

Leila said...

Aw, what a darling!!