Thursday, November 15, 2012

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We had a nice celebration for Martinmas on Sunday.  The spice cake was yummy, the "lanterns" were lovely.  We did not go on a lantern walk though.  It would have been nice but it was rainy and the thought of giving the boys glass jars with even a tiny flame inside just did not seem like a good idea.  Maybe next year. 
My pretty success is that I managed to tidy a small space in my bedroom.  Nothing much, not even picture worthy (yet.)  But it's something I've been meaning to get to and it means that now there is a nice spot, free of clutter and mess, to rest my eyes in there. 

It makes this mama so happy to see the boys so caring with their baby sister. 
And more happy success - according to the scale this morning I am within 1 pound of my pre-pregnancy weight!  And Baby Girl has doubled her birth weight! 

Quite the chocolate milk mustache, isn't it? 
This is more Smallest's success but I'll count it anyway - she's trying to roll, back to belly.  No, she doesn't yet roll belly to back which is part of what's funny.  The other funny bit is that for now (unless she has something to grab and pull herself over) she just spins herself around in a clockwise circle. 

The Smallest sleeps better than her brothers but at the same time not.  Yesterday she woke up way too early from her nap and I brought her out and put her on the floor.  While I went to pour a cup of tea she fell asleep again right there on the floor.  Luckily the WeatherMan was home and took the boys out to the park to play so they wouldn't wake her up.  That's some success - she fell asleep on her own and some me time for Mama. 
But the worse part is that she wakes up anywhere between right away and almost an hour after being put down for the night... until I go to bed and take her with me.  While I love the snuggles (when she isn't too fussy) the lack of evening is getting old.  I'm hopeful there will be a success in this area by next week. 

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karen said...

Love the milk mustache too cute! Good luck on the sleeping and reclaiming your evenings. It's hard when they are little like that.