Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dramatic Recues


Of my Baby Surprise Jacket that is.  Yes, plural.  And both, interestingly enough, involving a certain 3 year old who also happens to like crawling under the computer desk and flipping off the power switch to the modem and phone... but that's another story. 

So anyway, there is no picture of the first rescue.  The boys and I were outside on our porch.  They were making an amazing mess of last year's potting soil.  You know the mess - dumping it out, moving it around, throwing it down off the porch, putting it in bags, putting it in pots, putting it in mouths.  Good times.  I sat comfortably in a chair working on my BSJ.  Until the trouble maker my eldest child discovered that Mama was attempting to do something.  At which point he wants to be a part of it.  He takes out one of the balls of yarn from the knitting bag.  He refuses to return it to said bag.  He loses his grip of said ball of dark blue yarn, it bounces to the floor, and proceeds to roll off the porch.  Now we live on the SIXTH floor.  Hence no photo of the ball of yarn sailing off the balcony and plummeting down to earth.  It was quite a sight.  And so was the tangle that awaited Mama in the flowerbed downstairs.  But never fear, the yarn was rescued and untangled and on we knit!

Our second rescue has pictorial evidence. 
This is why works in progress usually live in a basket on top of the bookcase.  The trouble maker helpful preschooler wants to knit too.  How young has anyone taught a child to knit? 

Obviously no thinking clearly, I had left it, mid row, on my chair while I went to check something in the kitchen.  I came back to this.  I'll admit I cried.  I'll admit I was mad but mostly at myself.  As much as I would have liked to blame the Boy for messing up my hard work it was my own fault for leaving it within his curious reach.  Like curious little monkeys, sometimes little boys also forget to keep out of trouble.  Nothing to do but get out a crochet hook and wait for the boys to go to bed. 

 Thankfully I was able to pick up the dropped stitches.  And it doesn't look too bad, if I do say so myself :)

Up close you can see my goofs at putting the stitches right.  But I'm going with the Amish philosophy of putting imperfections in my work because no one is perfect but God.  :) 

Note to self: don't have knitting out while boys are loose.  It only attracts them.
And someone really should clean up the porch tomorrow. 

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lommiles said...

4-5 yrs is the youngest I've heard of. It depends on small motor dexterity. Some never have it!
When we lived in an apt with small kids, I filled a plastic pool with sand for them on the balcony. It worked great.