Monday, May 16, 2011


 I'm really pleased with how my BSJ is knitting up.  It's a very enjoyable pattern.  I like that it makes "shape" right away.  Keeps things interesting.  And I've decided I do like the dark blue.  It makes it pop a little, gives some dimension to the colors. 

 Trouble is I have 96 stitches on right now.  Should be 94 - one more decrease and one more knit row to finish out this section.  I was right on target stitch-wise when I counted 5 rows ago.  Where did I go wrong?  And more importantly - how do it fix it?!?

I'm thinking I obviously messed up my decreases, probably this last set.  But did I leave one out entirely or did I just forget the "necklace over" second step of the decrease for both in a row? 

And am I correct that this is the work for the sleeves?  Could I switch to a solid for a while and have it come out looking good?  I'm thinking stripped sleeves and solid body?  I'm really bad at picturing what the pattern will actually look like at any given point but I'm trying.  Also in need of working on is my finishing projects.  You can see my last project, a shawl that was finished knitting two weeks ago and just had its tails woven in today, peeping out of the basket there.  It's crying "Mama, block me!" 

Tomorrow yarn-baby, tomorrow. 

In case you're wondering how I scored some free knitting time - now that's what I call a moment of peace!  And yes, he is sleeping while hanging off the couch.  Strange child :)

Baby Surprise Jacket KnitAlong


Kathy said...

I realized I had one stitch too few (I think I missed one of the increases a few rows ago) and so I just added another increase on my next row in the area where I thought I had missed it. I've got my fingers crossed that it'll all work out!

I like the darker blue, too -- it makes the brighter colors "pop" which is nice.

Phyllis said...

I love your colors! There's a wiki page about the BSJ that helped me to understand about stripes.... I was going to give you the link, but my baby needs me. I'm sure you can find it with a search.