Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Gift for Me

It has finally dawned on me that what I need in my life is more peace, joy, light, celebration, and a little bit of space.  It is far too easy to look at life and say "if only..." and "well this sucks" and "BAH!"  And as much as back in my camp counselor days we used to laugh at the thought of "me time" (because, as a camp counselor, it is so important that your young charges do not just wander off!) I desperately need some!  With two small and very active boys and a very, umm, cozy apartment this is challenging.  I need a spot that is all mine to examine my days and find that elusive peace.  I need to find the joy and celebration.  And I need to hold onto it and share it!  Sure, the whining will probably creep in from time to time... I am only human after all.  But my plan is for this to be a joyful place. 

So this is my Mother's Day gift to myself - space to accentuate the positive and take the time check out my perspective.  Because it's all about perspective.  It's all about how you look at it.  I even have a t-shirt bought at a youth conference as a reminder - GODISNOWHERE :) 

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