Thursday, May 12, 2011

Small Success Thursday

In the crazy world of little ones it's important to celebrate those little successes and accomplishments.  This is a link up for just that :)  Formerly at Faith and Family Live! and currently hosted by Chocolate for Your Brain - check it out!

#1 I started a blog!  While I want to cut back on my screen time I also want to give myself an outlet and a spot to cultivate my appreciation for life (particularly mine!) and maybe even some community I figure I can at least try to make it work. 

#2 I hiked it to the fire station, pushing the double monstrosity stroller for the preschool field trip this morning.  It was 40 minutes each way and there's a killer hill right before you get there.  Quite a workout!

#3 I didn't cry or curse or anything when I sat down last night to start on the next piece for the knit-along and discovered I goofed my rows.  Somewhere.  Best guess is that I added and extra even knit row.  So I'll update my picture later tonight and continue my knitting :) 

BONUS (because sometimes you have to feel like an overachiever) the dishes are done!  I know for a fact that there are sippy cups lurking and probably some rouge silverware or cooking utensils but the sink is empty - no small feat for me!  Dishes might not be the bane of my existence but dishwashers certainly are the stuff my dreams are made of.

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SherryTex said...

Congrats on the blog! And exercise with a double stroller is no small feat I know! Thanks for being part of this week's Small Successes!