Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 Yup, I am sitting, with my feet up, and knitting.  :)  During the day.  No need to be too jealous, this is a VERY rare happening.  I even figured out the timer on the camera just to show you this heavenly moment.  Of course, as I posed this picture I managed to backtrack and knit back over what I had already done.  I really can be that easily confused.  But it was easy enough to fix and the photo makes a nice reminder of a beautiful day.

And what a beautiful day it was!  Sunny, warm but not to warm.  We went to our wonderful Wednesday morning playgroup and the boys actually played (as opposed to coming into the sitting room and trying to drag Mama out to play.)  Went for a nice walk after lunch and the boys fell asleep in the stroller, ya gotta love that!  Finished my knitting for the knit-along in the brief time they stayed asleep after getting home.  And posed a couple pictures.  

The boys woke up super upset from their nap.  It was so strange, they were both practically inconsolable.  We snuggled up on the couch on their insistence and they fought over lap space.  Littler Boy nursed and passed back out again.  Bigger Boy fussed around a bit and then he passed out, too, sitting up and leaning against my chest.  Between the two of them I was pinned to the couch!  Oh no, don't throw me in the brier patch!  ;-)  For a moment this was frustrating since I could see so much that needed doing: things to pick up, books to read, knitting to work on,  yet I couldn't get at any of it.  So I made my choice - I thanked the Good Lord for this sweet time with my boys, said a few prayers for them, and I dozed off too :) 
 Here is it - my progress on the Baby Surprise Jacket for the knit-along.  Just in time too.  The next set of tips were posted today so I can keep right on going with the momentum I've got going. 

My colors.  I'm not sold on the darker blue yet, any thoughts? 
The yarn is Lion's Brand Vanna's Choice Baby, although I think the dark is from the main line.  Not the fanciest stuff to work with but for a little one washability is super important in my book. 


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Kathy said...

I'm doing the knit-along as well. I love the colors of your yarn -- so cheerful! I think the darker blue will look good worked in with the others, but if you decide you aren't wild about it, you could probably substitute an extra ball of one of the other colors you already have, or a ball of a neutral tone like a beige or cream? It looks like it's coming along nicely -- and I love the idea of mid-day, feet-up, on-the-couch knitting time!