Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's One of Those Days

I'm tired, my neck is sore, I'm in a bad mood, and every little things it making me nuts.  I am so tired of "maa-oom" and "draw it, mom, draw it."  I'm sick of feet on the table and drawing on the table and boys on the table.  Ugg, the yelling, the shrieking, the whining.  And the pushing, the shoving, the smacking.  I've been poked, bit, stepped on, shoved, and scratched.  I've had hands up my shirt and down my pants.  Thankfully I'm not wearing a skirt today or they would be up that too.  I have had to wrestle Boy back into his undies and forcibly wash his hands after going potty more that once.  Try every time he has gone potty.  The boys have even spent part of the day rotating in and out of the time out chair.  Nice time to share well, huh.  And if I hear "up, mommy, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-up mommy" one more time... 

Our computer is is having issues and giving attitude.  Actually, it's probably coughing its last.  It seems to want to make me make good on my threat to take it out back and shoot it.  I guess it overheard that the car has been replaced and so it feels like now would be a good time to replace it.  It is slower 'n slow.  It wont upload my pictures of fabric to email to a friend to start a project for her.  I can't even see who is following this blog because for some reason it just wont show up. 

And to top it off my dinner plans feel through because I wasn't paying attention.  And the TV listing says that So You Think You Can Dance wont be on the usual station tonight.  Why they would bother to show the results show tomorrow but not the dancing tonight is beyond me.  And it's making me batty!  I've been looking forward to that all day :( 

Most of the day, all I longed for was some quiet to do some reading, some knitting, maybe some sewing.  Just to get a chance to regroup a little.  It's been a day... no, a week of days where I have been feeling the constant, thankless demands of motherhood.  I'm not sure what to do about it except fix my attitude.  And maybe hire a cleaning lady. 

Then, right around 3 this afternoon both boys dozed off.  Bigger Boy in the high chair where he had insisted on having his snack and Littler Boy in my lap while nursing.  While their timing and placement could have been better I will take what I can get!  I finished piecing what I can for pillow covers I'm working on, I did some knitting, checked out some blogs, and got some writing done too.  And I am feeling much, much more peaceful.  Now I just have to find a way to carry that with me till bedtime.  And figure out a backup plan for dinner... 

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Kathy said...

I think every mama has days where we just need a little down time. I'm glad that you got a bit of it, and I wish you a peaceful evening and a bright tomorrow.