Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mama's Summer's Cool

 It's going to be a summer of awesome - for a nerd like me :)  I've got a stack of books picked out.  I've got a stack of projects to work on.  I've got a list of day trips and hikes to go on.  I've got big plans for working out and stretching out.  It's gonna be like mama summer school, but cooler :) 

First books to read will be Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook by Maria Montessori and Signs of Life by Scott Hahn because, well, they're library books.  Most of the other books are ones I've been meaning to read or wanting to read for a while now.  The Magic Years by Selma H. Fraiberg was given to us by an aunt-in-law when Littler Boy was born and needless to say I haven't had much time for reading on early child development despite how appropriate the topic is.  I have been slowly working my way through Home Education by Charlotte Mason for the last year and would really like to finish it.  Yes, it will be a summer full of early childhood education/ development with some history and theology thrown in.  Like I said, fun for a nerd like me. 

For projects I have two quilts to make for wedding gifts for the fall.  A dear friend from grade school who I was able to reconnect with thanks to Facebook has just had a beautiful baby boy and he and his two big brothers are on my project list.  I have retirement gifts to make for my own Mama who is retiring this fall.  I have a couple quilt blocks that I am dying to try to make - including a Big Bird block from the book Quilting with the Muppets.  How awesome will that be? 

 Since our computer is giving attitude currently I'm posting these fabric pics here because I can't seem to get them into an email.  Miss Clare, what do you think?  What I have in mind for the top is lots of neutral cream with bits of the bright colors.  The bottom would be blocks in an assortment of these colors/shades.  I'm really excited about both.  Your pick :) 

And now I better go because the not-yet-2-year-old just unplugged the fan and put the child safety cover on the outlet.  Cute, but a tad on the frightening side.  Yeah, I might be aiming a little high with these plans. 


Mama Gone Green said...

I always have a huge summer to-do list, which is funny b/c I never have any time in the summer.. But I do have more motivation.. ;)

kate said...

What am impressive list! I too had grand plans and am already feeling discouraged/scaling back/realizing I am not going to accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped. Such is life with 3 little boys though! :)