Monday, June 27, 2011

This Week


   *make rolls
   *finish BSJs!
   *workout 3 mornings
   *work on quilt tops
   *stART project

  Monday - pasta and sauce
   Tuesday - egg and veggie frittatas/ take out
   Wednesday - applewiches/ fajitas
   Thursday - ham & beans, veggies
   Friday - @ the game :)
   Saturday - homemade pizza

Special Stuff:
   Monday - laying low
   Tuesday - Dear Husband's birthday!
   Wednesday - playgroup
   Thursday - errends
   Friday - Phillies game!  Canada Day
   Saturday - hiking?

Planning out my week helped keep me on track last week so here we go again.  I think there will be some things that are preteptually on the list, like decluttering.  And some things I'm blaming the computer for not finishing (GTG points take forever when the computer is happy so I don't even want to think about doing that till we work out the computer issues!)  Maybe a more modest list will help.  It should be a good week :) 

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