Monday, June 13, 2011

Most Stressful Day

Yup, the most stressful day of our year was today.  Going to the border to renew our permits.   

Paperwork filled out, questions answered, proof shown, fees paid.  Trying to keep very active little boys who have been cooped up in the car for over an hour still for over an hour in a large room full of armed border agents.  Trying to keep said boys up off the floor and from climbing the ceiling high windows.  And from shrieking.  And from running.  And from swinging on those flimsy movable dividers they put up to keep the line in line.  Or should I say queue? 

It makes for quite a day. 

And there's always the possibility that the agent will ask why we didn't do X-Y-Z or why did you do Q-R-S and say "bye-bye." 

But we get to stay for another year. 

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