Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Any Suggestions?

I, umm, slacked on the dishes.  Not in their entirety, just a few.  Unfortunately those that were neglected, I realize in hindsight, should have been dealt with sooner. 

I made yummy individual broccoli and cheese frittatas that the boys ignored the first time we had them but they goobled them up once they were leftovers, go figure.   
It's a combination of not being well enough greased, baking on, and then sitting out too long.  :-/  Just the sponge doesn't really touch it.  I've soaked it, which hasn't helped a lick.  And scrapped at it with a spoon, which is helpful but tedious and the spoon doesn't do much of a good job in the corners.  Any other brilliant ideas?  I've already tossed around the idea of just tossing it and getting a new one next time they're on sale but that seems foolish.  My mom is on her way to visit for a few days and I'd rather her not think I save all the big messes for her.  ;-) 


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Soak it in super hot water and dish detergent. Then try to scrub with brillo or rough side of the sponge. Repeat the process until completely cleaned. Been there done that!!! :)

~ Wendy

Freedom Three said...

melt crayons in it :-)