Saturday, June 18, 2011

Preschool Graduation

This week, Bigger Boy finished his preschool year and they had a graduation Thursday evening.  What an event that was!  I should tell you I'm not one of those Mama's who cries at every little milestone.  I am certainly happy and celebrate each of them but that's the Boy's job - to grow up!  And this particular milestone didn't warrant tears for a other couple reasons.  First of all, he's not really eligible to be singing "Kindergarten here we come; we know we'll have lots of fun!" because he still has another year of preschool before he can go to JK (junior kindergarten, like pre-k in the States.)  Second of all, it was too darn funny! 

I apparently missed the dress code for this soiree.  Luckily the Boy wiped his sticky hands on his shirt at dinner so I had to change him into a polo shirt after a bath.  It was the only shirt clean that went with his plaid shorts.  And Littler Boy needed that bath more than Bigger.  That one had put applesauce and potato salad on his shirt and in his hair.  Anyway, I think one boy came to the graduation in the clothes he had worn to school that morning.  The others all had on what could have been their Easter outfits and a couple even had on ties!  The girls, of course, all had on cute little sundresses.  And don't get me start on the mommies!  High heels and cute little outfits galore.  I totally missed that boat.  I'm not even sure I own anything eligible for that boat. 

The program for the evening started with the kids all settling in on the circle time carpets.  Littler Boy really thought he should be a part of this.  I mean, he knows the whole routine for getting ready for school so why not, right?  It's gonna be a long year before he is old enough for preschool!  The lead teacher rang the gong that signals the changes in activity.  One lone, loud little boy started into the "toys away, toys away, toys away for another day" clean up song.  Well trained, that child is.  Next they sang a selection of their usual songs and were surprisingly audible.  Normally when they get an audience (like at the Christmas party or the Mother's Day tea) they all just sit and stare like little deer in little headlights so it was nice to hear a few of them.  The required photo op of giving out diplomas and folders of mementos from the year followed.  And the typical thank yous and flowers go without saying. 

What Bigger Boy was excited for was the slide show.  His teacher had created ye ol' collection of pictures from throughout the year and it was adorable.  But he didn't know that was what she meant when she announced it.  When he told me he couldn't wait for the slide show I almost died laughing because it included the ASL sign for "slide."  As in what a boy climbs up a ladder to go "weeee" back down at the park.  It's a magical world that 3 year olds live in, isn't it?  Needless to say, the slide show didn't hold his attention in quite the same way that a slide might have. 

But Jimbo the Magician did!  The Boy was fascinated!  It really was a performance worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos.  At one point he had a line up of young kids there and was instructing the first in line to put out his hand.  No, the clean one, silly!  The little girl next to him became very concerned about the state of her hands and proceeded to examine them.  And wipe them on her dress.  It was a straight up AFV moment. 

We grabbed a few juice boxes for the walk home and that was that.  Halfway home, Bigger Boy hands me his empty box saying "Here Mommy, I'm done."  To which I respond "That's ok.  I did the same thing to my mommy."  Because I had!  We had stopped to take a family picture because it is rare to have someone extra with us to take a shot of all four of us together.  And I had handed my mom my empty juice box to hold onto for me.  I also stuffed the straw wrappers into her purse because I'm like that.  Isn't it great that there are somethings you just don't grow out of?  :) 

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