Sunday, June 19, 2011

Joys of Boys

My mom explains the difference between boys and girls as this:
    A girl will be holding a pencil near a window screen and wonder what would happen if she were to poke the pencil into the screen.
    A boy in the same scenario will say "wow, look at the hole!" 

Did you ever realize that if you have a puzzle of the United States the pieces for Idaho and Oklahoma are the perfect shape to make pretend guns?  Florida and Texas will work too.  And probably Michigan. 
Which reminds me that I need to put a new U.S. map puzzle on our wish list - Vermont and all the "N" states are missing...

There is only one thing that tops the Bigger Boy's announcement during Mass that "Father's done talking so now we can talk" which was of course made loudly enough that Father probably heard him even from three quarters of the way back. And that would be when he starts into "Old MacDonald has a farm" in the checkout line of the grocery store.  The woman ahead of us in line turned around and said "so it was you  singing at church" because sure enough he had launched into that particular refrain almost as soon as we were in the pew.  And later took up the Alphabet Song during the readings. 

Yup, the joys of active boys.  :)

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