Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Week's Project

 This week we're doing boats and have been reading some fun books - The Little Sailboat by Lois Lenski, Boat Book by Gail Gibbons, and Boats - Speeding!  Sailing!  Cruising! by Patricia Hubbell are a few of our favorites. 
So our project this week was to make boats for lunch!  Apples with cheese sails and celery with pumpkin seed butter and raisins and tortilla sails.  They might have been more interesting or better executed if I had planned ahead but this was a flash of inspiration yesterday and I was working with what was in the fridge. 

 The boys had a tough time spreading the pumpkin seed butter on the celery but I think if I had let it soften out of the fridge a little longer it would have been better for them.  Then they added raisin sailors and a sail made from a piece of tortilla on a toothpick.

 Not terribly sea-worthy but fun. 

 The apples with cheese were a bigger hit.  Again, if we had had cheese slices instead of just block cheese it would have had a better effect but so it goes. 

 Yum!  The best part of this project was getting to eat it!

And drive sail it along the table.


Swanski said...

That looks like such a fun project! I might have eaten more veggies and fruit if my mom had done this ;)

Kathy said...

What a fun snack/lunch idea to go with your reading! Love it!

Joanne said...

Kate, I am retiring next week. Any kids' books or authors that you especially like that I may have? You are welcome to them. I also have quite a few books with tapes. Does anyone use tapes anymore?

*kate said...


Joanne - I'll send you an email :)

Nicole Stallworth said...

We've done apple sail boats on a blue jello lake! Of course, the boys had to have an armada with toothpick cannons and a sea battle.