Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who Brought the Sideshow to Mass?

Oh wait, it was us. 

We start by bounding into the church, through the side door by the altar of course.  Then our preschool Goldilocks tries out two pews by darting in and back into the aisle before settling into the third.  And I use the term "settling" very, very loosely because now we climb over, under, and around in said pew to get a good look at everyone and everything nearby. 

Someone sings "Old McDonald" while the rest of the church sings the opening hymn.  There is a repeat performance later during the closing hymn.  It's remarkable that "E I E I O" fits to so many tunes. 

The climbing continues and is added to.  There is now jumping off the kneeler and hanging over the pew in front of us too.  This gets some chuckles from the man behind us as the toddler, imitating his brother, leans forward to the pew in front and then lets his feet dangle.  All while grunting because, really, this is tough work for a short guy.  Plus it has to be at least a little awkward with all your body weight pressed right under your ribs, even if it is only 28 pounds. 

As the Bigger Boy hops around the side aisle he gets a thumbs up from a grandfatherly gentleman sitting two pews ahead of us.  Later when he is chatting with the Boy after said Boy dumped fishy crackers on the floor his wife elbows him and probably told him not to encourage the Boy.  Shortly after this (once the crackers are cleaned up) Bigger Boy is taken to throw out the crackers and chill out a bit, much to the dismay of Littler Boy.  He needs several choruses of "I'm a Little Tea Pot" complete with being tipped over from Mama's hip to cheer up.  He adds his voice to the singing of "Amen," which sounds suspiciously like a little tune I hear often at home and goes like this: "nursey nurse, nursey nursey nurse." 

My personal favorite moment was when the other man standing behind us said "Peace be with you... You need it."  And also with you, thanks! 

Would you believe that they behave worse when we try to keep them in the back in the cry room?  What a mess that is! 

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