Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Any ideas?

Google isn't letting me sign in on some blogs to leave a comment.  Any ideas what's up or how to fix it?  It is only on some blogger blogs (as far as I can tell and remember) - it just keeps bumping me back to the sign in without ever signing me in.  So all my comments are anon but then it wont even let me post them! 


I hate not being able to comment on people's posts :(

I seem to have it worked out.  Thanks, Elizabeth!


Elizabeth said...

I've had this happen a couple of time recently. Seems if I uncheck the keep me signed in box, I can sign in and get the comments to post. Other times I have had to restart my computer. Don't know what's causing it, but it sure is a pain.


BlessedMom said...

This kept happening to me recently. I finally gave up and change over to Google Chrome. I've actually come to really like it.