Thursday, July 28, 2011

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A little peek at my quilt blocks. 

A mama could get used to this dishwashing help. 
Just gotta make a little more clear to him that the point is to get all the food off the dishes.  It will come :)

My poor muffins!  What in the world happened?
Seriously, I have no idea. 

Project in a bag.  At least the bag is out so there's hope. 

round button chicken


Mama Hen said...

Yep, when they can start washing and cleaning things start to look brighter don't they? ;)

Erica S. said...

I love when little boys grow up enough to help! My oldest is 15 and is a huge help around the house and with his brothers.

Mrs. Fordyce said...

You will have a really good helper in no time at all! I wish I could help on the muffins, but I am mystified! It is so discouraging when things don't turn out, isn't it?

Grace said...

I hope I find out what happened to your muffins, too! My goodness! Quilt blocks...jealous...very pretty.:) Gotta go sew...:)

Linny said...

Your muffins made me laugh! I've been (unsuccessfully) trying my hand at baking, and that's how most of my baked goods turn out!

Cynthia said...

Love the cute little 'dishwasher' ;) Can't wait until my boys are old enough to join in on the fun! Love that you quilt...wishing I could do something like that...