Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crayon sorting

Sounds really thrilling, doesn't it?  Oh but it was :) 
I should have taken a before picture of the crayon collection but it really wasn't all that nice to look at. 
But now it's divided into a baggie for taking on the road, the still nice ones for coloring at home, and a baggie of the little bits and stinky ones to melt down for making crayons or stained "glass" windows.  A much prettier picture. 
And meanwhile the boys were coloring, Bigger with markers and Littler with... well, you can see. 
Much better.  It feels so good to have this all nice and tidy.  And all in one place rather than 3 different spots in three different rooms.  And it was a good excuse to go through this drawer too and sort it all out.  Decluttering, organizing, purging the stuff we wont be using,  simplifying - good times :) 

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Emily said...

I love to sort crayons! It's a weird sense of reward when they're all organized :)