Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Week

  keep cool! 
  plan activities (mutiple weeks)
  figure out how I keep messing up my screen sizing while typing - and how to fix it
  fix or replace stroller

  Tuesday - crockpot chicken, veggies
  Wednesday - bean and veggie salad
  Thursday - spaghetti w/ sauce
  Friday - fish, sweet potato fries
  Saturday - chicken quesadillas
  Sunday - picnic

special stuff:
  Tuesday - play in the sprinkler
  Wednesday - playgroup
  Thursday - library
  Friday - farmer's market, mall
  Saturday - waterfront
  Sunday - picnic

I think it goes without saying that these plans are subject to change at any time.  I'm starting to wonder why I take the time to type this out because so little of it gets done.  I'm blaming the extreme heat and lack of working stroller but maybe that's just a lame excuse.  It's frustrating because I don't feel like I'm setting lofty goals.  But I am getting other stuff done so I guess it's not hopeless or anything, I just have to make my lists and actual accomplishments line up a bit better. 

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Prayeraid said...

Hi Kate

Would you like to visit my blog?


Let me know if you like it.

Iwanted to join the Catholic Mothers blog roll too, but could not - the registeration form was not working.!!

God bless
Jane Pimenta