Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Done!

My Baby Surprise Jacket is officially finished!  This afternoon I finished sewing the seams and putting on the buttons while I watched Prince William practice helicopter water landing maneuvers on the news coverage of the Royal visit to Canada.  That was pretty cool.  And I think the BSJ came out pretty cool too. 

No, it sadly doesn't really fit Littler (I didn't expect it to.)  But this was just too cute a picture not to share :)  He looks like such a little man!
Both boys have requested their own. 

So this evening I finished up the second BSJ  :)  That was a little more of a challenge since I caste it off knitwise rather than purlwise.  But it still worked out. 

I always find it tough to finish up projects - by the time I get to sewing the tails my project ADD starts kicking in and I'm day dreaming about the pretty deep purple cotton I have waiting for a retirement scarf for my mom.  Well, there's always tomorrow because now it's time for the Boston Pops and getting to bed :) 


Emily said...

Both BSJs look awesome! You did a great job :)

bfarmmom said...

Wow! You knit two?! That is awesome! They are very sweet. I have to admit. I want to knit another one also. One of these days. Did you switch colors on your even rows of 90 knitting? It looks like you might have, but I don't see any "mistakes" I did and it was a mess!