Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The wheels on the stroller

I might have just killed the third stroller of parenthood and our eldest is only almost 3 1/2!  And the first stroller to go down has actually died twice - I replaced the back wheels once and will be darned if I sink that kind of money back into it again! 

Stroller #1 - yes, this is the second set of wheels.  And they cost $20 each.  If we were to do that we could have just bought a brand new stroller for the 80 bucks we'd pay to just replace the wheels.  And yes we still have it in the closet, bum wheels and all. 

Stroller #2 is no longer with us.  After the front wheels both broke off going up onto a curb it went straight in the dumpster.  It wasn't a big loss since we got it on FreeCycle and it was an elderly model, except that we were down to a single stroller with two small children. 

Stroller #3 - the wheel dropped off right after we crossed the street to go out this morning.  Thankfully it waited till we were across the street and not in the middle of the crosswalk but I still had to get it back on so that we could take it back home and swap it for bum stroller #1. 

Really, what is it with these strollers?  I thought they were fairly idiot-proof - put kid in, hold handle bars, push kid where you want to go.  Sometimes we even go all out and add the step of strapping kid in after putting kid in.  How can we be wearing these strollers out so quickly?  I hope stroller #3 is repairable.  We do have stroller #4, a simple umbrella stroller, but it really isn't as comfy for either the boys or us.  And it only holds one boy and no stuff!

Is this normal?  Oy, what to do...

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Emily said...

I would say even if your stroller is being used constantly, this is pretty extreme. Have you written to the stroller company and complained?