Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Snippets of a day

*Bigger practiced matching and turning the socks right side out while we folded and put away laundry. 

*Stroller woes.

*Bigger worked the charm by opening and holding doors for Mama while we were out.  An impressive feat for a little guy.

*While the boys' favorite CD is "Peter and the Wolf," they beg to watch "The Nutcracker," and they pretend to be Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor they are also quite sharp with their cars.  Littler announced "H - Honda!"  today when we passed one in a driveway.  They also noted every Chevy, GMC, "planet" (Saturn,) and Mustang we saw.

*Bigger earned a time out for hitting his brother and continued to hit him each time Littler passed him.  And his brother was dumb enough to keep running by!  Some game.

*Littler pooped and then proceeded to remove his diaper in the kitchen, which dumped said poo onto the floor, and then sat down to further insure a good mopping of the kitchen.

*Bigger announced "I'm gonna read it to you" to Littler and they laid on the tummies on the floor and looked at all the cars and trucks and things that go in one of their Richard Scarry books. 

*The previous is made even more amazing by the fact that up to a minute before said announcement they were chasing/ pushing/ pulling/ hitting/ shrieking/ generally making Mama batty. 

*In answer to why Bigger had a nectarine in one hand and a peach in the other he said "because I have two hands.  Two hands, two fruits." 

*While making popcorn for an afternoon snack, Bigger took the top off the popper.  And boy did the boys enjoy that show.  Mama not so much. 

*Fresh rolls, NCIS, and casting on :) 

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