Monday, July 25, 2011

This Week

  *finish quilt top
  *type grocery list
  *start days in Organized Simplicity
  *start a "bag of tricks" of activities (or maybe a notebook)
  *swap out toys - really this time! 
  *spend more time outdoors (thankfully the heat is breaking b/c at this point ANY time would be more)

  Monday - pasta and sauce
  Tuesday - pork chops, veggies
  Wednesday - soup, rolls/ muffins, salad
  Thursday - chicken casserole
  Friday - fish, veggies, sweet potato fries
  Saturday - bean and veggie salad

Special Stuff:
   Monday - errands, library
  Tuesday -
  Wednesday - play group, 'Mones and Flos (classic car cruise-in)
  Thursday - park?
  Friday - Farmers' Market
  Saturday -

So, this week looks a lot like last week...and the week before.  I'm not sure if I can get away with blaming the heat or if I'm just a bit lazy and easily distracted.  I hope I can get more of this done this week!

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